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Oaki Design's Grand Designs Live award-winning entry


Editorial and Photo Styling

I enjoy nothing more than organising a space to look as good as possible! I consider every option and always arrive at the best solution for the project. My long career as a graphic designer has given me a sharp eye for detail and a passion for extremely beautiful presentation. If you are an editor or photographer in need of a stylist, please get in touch.

Set Design and Exhibition Styling

I love the temporary nature of set design; to create a realistic room in the middle of a studio or warehouse is an enjoyable challenge! You could be offering visitors ideas for their home at an interiors exhibition, or you might be creating a specific room for a set at a TV studio. I really enjoy the research required to create successful room sets – making sure the details are correct and selecting furniture and fittings to suit. If you’re looking for a set designer to work on your TV show or exhibition set, please get in touch.

Interior Styling

Interior Styling is about balancing the aesthetic with practicality and comfort, but it is also about personal preference. One individual’s idea of the perfect scheme will not be for everyone. It’s my job to understand my clients’ unique needs and to get to the bottom of what they want from their living or working space. The seating should be comfortable, the lighting should be pleasing and the layout needs to work. I want you to really enjoy your living space. If you want your room, office or home re-designed, please get in touch.

Seasonal Display Styling

Seasonal displays for a business or exhibition are so much fun. Ever since I was little I’ve enjoyed doing the Christmas decorations at home – it was one of the reasons I knew I’d love a job in styling! There is so much scope to create the most stunning displays – the endless ornaments and limitless colour options are really inspiring. If you’d like a stunning seasonal display for your shop, event or party, please get in touch

Graphic Design

I have 15 years experience working as a Graphic Designer and have produced work for a wide range of clients, such as - Dickinson And Morris, Taylor Wimpey, Derren Brown, Monsoon, Percol, Bahlsen, Gloucester Rugby Club, Cadburys, Cheltenham Festivals and the University of Gloucestershire.If you want some brochures or other promotional materials produced, please get in touch.